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Building Brand Empires, One Experience

At A Time.



I’m Chris and over the past 15 years, I’ve helped many artists, boutiquers, lovers, passionistas, companies, and insanely hard workers create their brands and their online cultures, which have transcended across their industries, and helped build their empires. 



I work closely with my clients,  forming trust-built relationships that instigate and inspire a shared long-term vision. This means learning deeply about their mission, and how best I can support their brand influence, all while setting the best stage possible. 


Creating a seamless and energizing experience in the design all stems from working closely with the wonderful teams who let loose & RunWild. 


Web Design


Through multiple consultations, one consistent message: the global internal site lacked cultural alignment, global focus, and a positive user experience. This was systemic all the way through to the branding. Ongoing testing and consultations were put together to help build a site that aligned closely to Sony’s values of inspiring curiosity. This was done by a major overhaul of the dated site, incorporating a refreshed branding, online experience, brand marketing (video / mail blast), and core user interactivity. 



Demographics and personas are an integral part in learning better about your market. Understanding the importance of who is purchasing and why, makes for better relationships with your users. In illustrating for their persona campaign, it was important to clearly differentiate the users in order to best provide context into who they are. This project meant learning about their users, and bring some humor into the imagery.

Balloons owned by SuperCell

UX UI (B2B Data Visualization Tool Design)


As part of my work with NPD (Circana), BookScan migrated to NPD's tool and received significant feedback to request major UX/UI changes. After multiple meetings with key clients, covering all personas, the tool was ideated, designed, and validated through multiple user tests and iterative design. Clients were happy. Awards were won.

Case Study Video


Web Design


The Tailhook Association is an independent, fraternal, nonprofit organization internationally recognized as the premier supporter of the aircraft carrier and other sea-based aviation. The Association was looking for a site that was able to marry the two pillars of the organization (association & educational foundation) together cohesively, while preserving the individual contributions each pillars present. The site was a complete redesign, including a major UX UI overhaul and rethinking of the overall parent branding. 


Brand and Identity Design, Website, and Collateral (UX UI)

RAVN Aerospace

RAVN Aerospace, an adversary aerospace company with huge capabilities needed a rebranding strategy, which included a major overhaul of an old brand name, a new story, a new look, and a new mission. The brand launch included aircraft decals, T-shirts, coins, office supplies, custom patches, and more.

Balloons owned by SuperCell
Balloons owned by SuperCell
Work Start

Latest Illustrations

A collection of commissions and series.

Black Lives Matter

I stand with all my brothers and sisters who have suffered at the hands of racism; treated with inequity, and worse, killed, simply because of the color of their skin. 

I hear you. I stand with you. 

Black Lives Matter.


"Think smarter, not harder..."

Ensuring a meaningful and consistent approach to task makes for a more effective output. You can see a snapshot of my approach below.

RunWild Design - Brand Development Icn

Brand Development

RunWild understands that it’s not just creating a logo. It’s understanding the mission, the purpose and the ‘why’. This helps better serve your clients; generating deeper relationships that inspire and impact your consumers’ lives.

  • Art Direction

  • Visual Identity Design

  • Brand Consulting

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Overall Brand strategy

RunWild Design - Experience Design Icon

Experience Design

Creating an experience that gains trust, loyalty, fervent fandom and sales. The first part in gaining that is learning how your user interacts with your brand by best supporting their key needs.​

  • UX Wireframing

  • Product Strategy

  • Usability Testing

RunWild Design - Creative Direction Icon

Creative Direction

How your story is narrated can help influence and engage your consumers and a seamless and creative experience is critical in delighting your consumer. Consulting and navigating is important in this phase as this is really the 'skin' of the brand. 

  • Illustration

  • Iconography

  • Video Editing

  • Presentation
    building & Design

Principal School of Dance Logo

"You've made a logo that moves, that cries, laughs, and sings."

Christina, Principal School of Dance


Ready. Set. Run Wild.

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