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Case Study

Dog House Grooming Studio

The Dog House Grooming Studio took over an incredible building in Copperas Cove, Texas, bringing it from ruins to a modern, top of the line grooming studio, incorporating advanced methodologies, organic and natural products and most importantly, bundles of love. 


The challenge for me was simple. Build out a brand that not only reflected the cutting edge, modernistic sensibility, but to also incorporate elements of fun, and love. 


The owner had a clear sense of what she wanted from a color perspective. The studio had been built with pristine whites and dark gray floor tiles. Simple, clean, and beautiful.  

Logo Design.


The owner wanted to present the classic grooming studio face of a poodle. One of the opportunities for me here was poodles and terriers are synonymous with grooming studios and having the logo with a poodle played well into end-user affordances. We were able to get something recognizable while keeping it strong, modern and lovable.


To achieve that, I tried incorporated both classic influences in typography to complement the flat poodle icon, which had the flexibility to be used by itself when appropriate. The poodle's hair cut was designed to be striking, classy, and strong, to reflect the house style and complement the fonts used. Here are some merchandise mockups as well as some photos of the building with the branding. 

Web Design.

just a trim.png

The building itself has many physical angles. The walls taper in at a slight degree, which is one of the main reasons why the owners called the company 'The Dog House' because simply, the building looked like it was built to be one. The angles are so iconic in the building, that it was important to reflect them in the site itself.


In the design, given that the company is brand new, we decided to play more on two pillars:


  1. The fun-loving sensibility of dog grooming. People bring in their dogs because they are members of their family. They are well loved and owners typically want to give their dogs the care they feel they deserve

  2. A classy & cheeky outlook on the services. Keeping the services fun, cheeky, yet meticulously provided was important to reflect. The owner is a dynamic, energetic and  




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