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Creating visual stories is one of the most effective and elegant ways of communicating with your audience.  Click on the different types of visual story to learn more.

Icon Design

Iconography (logos / icons) is arguably the most important visual story you have in your armor. This means more than creating something 'nice' or easy to look at, more it's about understanding the purpose of your goal, the industry and most importantly; how is the logo going to communicate to your audience. 


Illustrations transcend languages, build emotional connection, tell stories with heart, and can invoke any reaction the illustration sets out to do. I am lucky enough to be represented by The Bright Group for childrens illustration and have been commissioned to create many images for some truly awesome clients.


Getting your collateral together and releasing to the public is the final hurdle. This means making sure your content is cross platform, and consistent. Making positive impression across social networks, as well as consistent content management allows for positive SEO. 

Mor Furniture


Mor Furniture banners created for multiple 

Golden View Dog Trainer

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As part of the redesign for Suze Orman's successful 'Must Have Documents', the aim was simplify and create a 'positive' (in this instance meaning 'happy', not 'good') experience. As part of this, custom iconography was created across the board. 

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